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A Memory of Light to be Released in 3 Parts Mar. 31st, 2009 @ 07:24 am
The first book of A Memory of Light, called "The Gathering Storm", will be released November 3rd.

Tor Press Release
Brandon Sanderson Talks About Split

Wheel of Time Book 12 Author Chosen Dec. 11th, 2007 @ 01:20 pm
Wheel of Time fans will be interested to know that fantasy author Brandon Sanderson has been chosen to finish the series (article here).

Bits of art for show! Mar. 2nd, 2007 @ 08:15 pm
Opinions please!

Selena and Jenisi pics under the cut!Collapse )
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Silklantern.com web site down time Jan. 26th, 2007 @ 06:28 am
Dear friends,

I apologize for the server downtime at Silklantern.com.  Due to a number of reasons, we have recently been exceeding our maximum allotted database queries.  Essentially, the web site is overloaded. 

It is not gone!  Your threads are still there.  We are currently in the process of transferring to a new dedicated server.  This process will probably take a couple of weeks.  It is not immediate, because rather than simply transferring everything over as is, we're actually going to dump your existing threads and profiles into the new Silklantern v2.0.

Happy 10th anniversary, Silklantern peeps.  We started in 1997 and it is now 2007.

A Thread Pulled. Apr. 7th, 2006 @ 12:47 pm
Hey everyone,

I am not a member of this community but I just thought I'd help spread the word... Even if it is bad.

Important note from Robert Jordan: March 25, 2006,
I have been diagnosed with amyloidosis. That is a rare blood disease which affects only 8 people out of a million each year, and those 8 per million are
divided among 22 distinct forms of amyloidosis. They are distinct enough that while some have no treatment at all, for the others, the treatment that works
on one will have no effect whatsoever on any of the rest. An amyloid is a misshapen or misfolded protein that can be produced by various parts of the body
and which may deposit in other parts of the body (nerves or organs) with varying effects. (As a small oddity, amyloids are associated with a wide list
of diseases ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to Alzheimer's. There's no current evidence of cause and effect, and none of these is considered any form
of amyloidosis, but the amyloids are always there. So it is entirely possible that research on amyloids may one day lead to cures for Alzheimer's and the
Lord knows what else. I've offered to be a literary poster boy for the Mayo Amyloidosis Program, and the May PR Department, at least, seems very interested.
Plus, I've discovered a number of fans in various positions at the clinic, so maybe they'll help out.)

Now in my case, what I have is primary amyloidosis with cardiomyapathy. That means that some (only about 5% at present) of my bone marrow is producing amyloids
which are depositing in the wall of my heart, causing it to thicken and stiffen. Untreated, it would eventually make my heart unable to function any longer
and I would have a median life expectancy of one year from diagnosis. Fortunately, I am set up for treatment, which expands my median life expectancy to
four years. This does NOT mean I have four years to live. For those who've forgotten their freshman or pre-freshman (high school or junior high) math,
a median means half the numbers fall above that value and half fall below. It is NOT an average.

In any case, I intend to live considerably longer than that. Everybody knows or has heard of someone who was told they had five years to live, only that
was twenty years ago and here they guy is, still around and kicking. I mean to beat him. I sat down and figured out how long it would take me to write
all of the books I currently have in mind, without adding anything new and without trying rush anything. The figure I came up with was thirty years. Now,
I'm fifty-seven, so anyone my age hoping for another thirty years is asking for a fair bit, but I don't care. That is my minimum goal. I am going to finish
those books, all of them, and that is that.

My treatment starts in about 2 weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where they have seen and treated more cases like mine than anywhere else
in the US. Basically, it boils down to this. They will harvest a good quantity of my bone marrow stem cells from my blood. These aren't the stem cells
that have Bush and Cheney in a swivet; they can only grow into bone marrow, and only into my bone marrow at that. Then will follow two days of intense
chemotherapy to kill off all of my bone marrow, since there is no way at present to target just the misbehaving 5%. Once this is done, they will re-implant
my bmsc to begin rebuilding my bone marrow and immune system, which will of course go south with the bone marrow. Depending on how long it takes me to
recuperate sufficiently, 6 to 8 weeks after checking in, I can come home. I will have a fifty-fifty chance of some good result (25% chance of remission;
25% chance of some reduction in amyloid production), a 35-40% chance of no result, and a 10-15% chance of fatality. Believe me, that's a Hell of a lot
better than staring down the barrel of a one-year median. If I get less than full remission, my doctor already, she says, has several therapies in mind,
though I suspect we will heading into experimental territory. If that is where this takes me, however, so be it. I have thirty more years worth of books
to write even if I can keep from thinking of any more, and I don't intend to let this thing get in my way.

—Robert Jordan

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills I guess.
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» Could you be in the WoT movie? x-posted
If you think you look like one of the characters from the Wheel of Time, I'm looking for you! I'm trying to put together the WoT fan cast, a place where you can go to visualize what the characters might look like if we had anything to say about it. Click here to see the fan cast so far.

I've started a community for discussion and submissions: wotfancast

Feel free to share this link with others. I encourage it! We still don't have some of the major characters, like Rand, Nynaeve, Min, or Elayne!
» Tarvalon.net
Wandering about the internet the other day, came acrossthis site::


It's a site bsed of the community of Tar Valon. It includes light roleplay adn MANY great forums, some WoT, others not. It works as the real Tar Valon does. You can be raised to Aes Sedai, or as a Gaidin (warder) after being on the site a set amount of time and doing some project work.

It's a really great worldwide community, with 4 conventions each year, one in Europe, one in America, one in Australia and the Dragonstar con, as well as many other samller real life get togethers.

The people on the site are wonderful, all very friendly and welcoming.

for more info, See Here

Oh, and if you join the site, PM me!!!!!! My username is Cariyad Teridal.

» (No Subject)
I'm promoting my community. Sorry if this isn't allowed in here, but I need to. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=itsonlypoison
Read the rules if youre thinking about joining. Theyre good rules.
» Hohmigod, a WoT community!!!!
New here, first post. I am so lucky to be graced with a community devoted to wheel of time!! I don't knoow how Ive missed it. Not only do I now have a community to belong to completelly devoted to WoT, but it also gives me extra leaverage to get Mary to join LJ, as a fellow WoT fanatic. But she's only just got up to book 10, so it's so hard not to feed her spoilers, especially on the whole Mat/Tuon situation. *feels sorry for Mat*

Its ays on the blurb of the 11th book that its the penultimeate book of the series. But that can't be, surely??? I mean, what about all the loose ends??? THere's Elayne, who needs to have her kids, be reunited with her mother, SOMEHOW get rule over Cairhein(sp?)And marry Rand, if he lives. (PLEASEGODPLEASEGODLETTHEBASTARDLIVE)THen there's the whole Malkier situation, and the afore-mentioned Mat/Tuon thang.... I mean, this, and more, and the Last Battle, in one book???? It would have to break the 2000page barrier.... hell.

Or, I might just be rambling nonsense. But now I have other wheel of time fanatics who have READ all the books to rant to!!! Oh, the joy.

Well, hello, anyway. ANybody else out there live in my part of the world? That being New Zealand?? Considering wheel of time hasnt taken much of a hold here... I AM DETERMINED TO CONVERT ALL NZ'S FANTASY FREAKS TO WHEEL OF TIME!!! (well, Wellington's, at least.)

» I thought this was kinda cool...
-Moiraine Sedai-
You are from the Blue Ajah, and have exceptional
scheming abilities. You are manipulative, but
always work for the good of the people

Which Wheel of Time Character are you?
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